Image by John Hersey

We all have our own conceptual understanding of ‘intuition’ or what a ‘gut feeling’ feels like in our own experience. That feeling is often as clear as day in hindsight, where we might confess ‘I knew it wasn’t right’ but yet in the happens of our experiences the whispers of truth are often so quiet they are easily ignored.

Intuition is part of human nature. In fact, most other beings operate commonly from this sense. Just before the boxing day tsunami in 2004 it was reported that cattle found higher ground to remain safe well before the tsunami reached the shore. Yes, they were responding to atmospheric changes but they were operating from instinct. They didn’t (or at least I’m guessing they didn’t) operate from intellect – ‘oh, the air pressure feels weird guys, let’s head up the hill’. They were simply in harmony with their environment and altered their individual course accordingly.

The inner voice, a voice without a voice – more a sensing, whispers to us all day long yet our culture doesn’t value such woo woo concepts and our society moves at such a pace it makes listening near impossible.

We keep ourselves from listening by busying ourselves, seeking control in the uncontrollable, accumulating things, numbing ourselves with TV or drugs of any kinds. We effort so hard to not hear, but why?

Is it fear of what we’ll find? Perhaps again an inner knowing that our truth might not marry with the expectations of others or those we have for ourselves and our experiences?

Is it that we might find a kaleidoscope of emotions, not just the ones we label good or pleasant – the ones we want to keep hold of. Fearing the emotions of the shadow side that our society tells us are negative; sadness, loneliness or fear. Yet all emotions seem to be what make us human.

I sat with a friend the other day who had been on a few dates with a guy recently. I asked her if she liked him and she replied “oh no/I don’t care/ We’ll see” holding up a mask to me and to the mirror to veil her truth, to protect her vulnerability, yet the truth behind her story was obvious.

It becomes interesting to notice when we do this in our own experiences. When the whisperings of our heart is  – yes but the complication of intellect blocks the flow and become – no.

Reflecting on my own experience, I found, it’s often matters of the heart where we hear this inner call the loudest. In my last relationship, as gorgeous and as lovely as he was, I know now that I somehow always knew all along that it wasn’t right. Deep down some part of me knew and gentle whisper could only be heard in the quiet moments before drifting off to sleep or the stillness of a packed tube commute. But another part of me drove me forward to try harder, to give it one more go, to keep on keeping on, to not rock the boat.

But what part of me ‘knew’ and what part of me was efforting?

Meditation brings us mindfully into our external experiences. Noticing the simplicity and beauty of the ‘now’ uncomplicated by projected images or fantasy of the future, or tainted memories of the past. By deliberately bringing our awareness to our senses – ears, eyes, noses, taste buds, touch can anchor us into presence, to the reality of our experience, rightnow.

Meditation brings us into the body, an awareness of how our body feels. Noticing where in the body there might be clues to the health of our mind. A clenched jaw, shrugged shoulders, tight fists, knotted stomach, bitten nails, all whispering truths of they own.

Meditation brings us into our inner world. Awareness of our feelings, thoughts and energy. Awareness without judgement, instead offering us a seat to be the curious observer, to create space around those feelings and thoughts to know we are not them, we are the witness to them.

Meditation is to come into stillness with open, receptive awareness and a willingness to hear and be with our truth.

I believe it’s from this place our dreams, wishes and hopes well up. Where visions and creative expression burst forth from.

It’s through meditation we are reminded we have a choice, always.

When we choose to not live from this place of truth, we halt our growth, we dim our light, we remain a rat on the silent march of the turning wheels of the race.

When we live in alignment we choose to stand in truth giving ourselves the best chance of flourishing our hearts desires.  From here only love can grow.

Meditation gives us permission to feel into our heart, to meet our truth with kindness,  compassion and non-judgement. To feel from the inside out. Our breath is offered as our guide to keep returning back to presence, back to heart. To find safety and union in all that we are, right now and perhaps to find the courage to come home here to our truth.

To live in alignment is to trust our intuition, to trust the inner whispers to course our path, to make choices for our highest good, taking us to higher ground to keep us safe.

It’s not about learning, becoming or evolving, it’s just about remembering what we already are. Trusting and choosing harmony.

Like most things it simply requires Practice, trial and error, kindness, being human.

Simply start by setting the intention and carving out space to listen, without judgement and with compassion.

My reminder to self this week is – remember to listen, remember to trust.

With love,

Joey x


“Every hearts a hurricane

Each soul a starlit sea

Every mind a meteor

Unbound by gravity

And everybody’s wishing

They could lean to tame the tides

When nothing more than nature

Is what’s echoing inside


Every life a lighting bolt

Yet everyone’s told no

Bite back thumpers’ rumble

Don’t let the wild things show


Every hearts a hurricane

Everyone a world within

Every life to short for loathing

Any storm beneath your skin”

Erin Hanson