Each fleeting feeling carries its own electrical charge,
infusing itself in the atmosphere within our chest and the messages sent by our heart, in ripples and waves.
Like a rip current surge beneath this ocean surface,
we are pulled back and forth from our own centre,
leading us far from the course we thought we had so carefully mapped.
In our vessel of one we batten down hatches and navigate a fickle sea of others and things.
Consumed by the drama, we forget our own centre of calm.
Changing course with the wind, on a hunch or the call of a misplaced heartbeat meant for another time.
We think we are separate, always, from the very thing that we seek.
That life should be lived in the space of efforting,
we make it our responsibility to somehow convince the waves into taming, in order to find balance.
Yet at the depths of the ocean there is always calm,
even when the waves are raging war against the skies.
The surrendered gap between each out breath, before the drawing in of new life, new energy, reminds me of my own depths, my own sense of calm.
Breathe deeply and be reminded;
You are already enough.

Words by Joey Hulin

Image by @lifebythesea