everything has changed
yet here you are, getting through it
stronger, kinder, wiser from the storm
routines changed
structures crumbled
normality dissipated
yet here you are
___ still standing
finding your way in a temporary new norm
take a moment to breathe
notice the fertile earth beneath your feet
no need to fear this earth, this moment
but instead, choose lovingly, wisely
where you place your next step and who for
remember your solid foundation – awareness
for this is love
always there, always waiting for you to return
do not waste a moment fearing what might come next but remember
you are here
___ still standing
breathe down into your roots
make that one wise, loving choice
in the direction of love, not fear
most of us given the gift of time and space
safe in our cocoons
a privilege 
to love those we care for
and care for those we love
to form new and meaningful routines
creative pursuits
this experience, just as any, is temporary
the every changing reality of life
yet here you are
___ still standing
finding home in the beating heart in your chest
safety in your feet planted on the earth
connection on levels perhaps you had forgotten
hope carried in the current of intention
relax into your tree like foundation
breathe into your heart as a beacon of light and love
eyes to the horizon
focus on that one foot
placed compassionately, intentionally, generously in front of the other
remember your place, us all as equals
this web of divine connection
our collective pain, joy and strength
standing together
this newness
washed clean in awareness
space to notice
time to remember
all that you’re a part of
all you’ve come through
and look
here you are
___ still standing