I remember the first time I had a smoothie bowl – I was almost dragged to it. Why would I eat a smoothie in a bowl, with a spoon? I thought. How pointless and silly.

And then I had one.

Ohhhh lordy lord. It took me a few mouthfuls to surrender my resistence before I completely u-turned. Muttering – What kinda heavenly bliss is this?! with a mouth full of flavour.

The history of the smoothie bowl is interesting. It has its roots deeeeep in the Amazon Rainforest where Acai pulp would be mixed with banana to form a nutritious, sweet and filling meal. Slowly the concept started to make its way out of the jungle, largely thanks to the founder of Brazilian jujitsu, Carlos Gracie, who advocated this early smoothie bowl recipe as part of the ‘Gracie Diet’… and so the smoothie bowl was born.

There is some kind of magic in making one. Blending to create colour, tasting and adjusting as you go, the creativity of assembling one and marvelling at the beauty before enjoying every spoonful.

Smoothie bowls tick so many boxes for me – They are super quick and easy to make, the are an act of creativity, they a nutritional balance bowl of goodness, they fill you up, they are such a treat that it is impossible to NOT mindfully eat one, they are sooooo tasty and you don’t need to follow a recipe.

I challenge you to make your own – go on. Play with a flavour and taste.

To make your Smoothie Bowl you’ll need:

  • A liquid base ( Eg. Oat milk, coconut milk or almond milk – my favourite is Oatly Barista milk)
  • Banana
  • One or two other fruits of your choice (or what you have in)
  • A natural sweetener (Eg. honey, dates or maple syrup)
  • Seeds (Eg. a couple of teaspoons of chia or flax seeds are good)
  • A thickener (Eg. an avocado, a dollop of peanut butter, almond butter, a handful of cashews)

Whizz it all up in a blender and decant into bowls. Then add a topping for crunch and texture.

  • Topping (Eg. muesli, granola, more seeds, coconut flakes, fruit, nuts)

Adjust quantities depending on how many smoothie bowls you’ll be making and to suit your own taste – trust yourself! You do know and just make adjustments to get it right as you go. If you make too much you can save some in the fridge for another time.

Play – create – taste – adjust – assemble – enjoy! (and show me on Instagram! @horizoninspired)