when the dark night comes
become like winter
strip yourself bare in truth and vulnerability
settle your animal body to the earth
and lie still, breathing 
let the snow land and melt like kisses on your tired limbs
the wind hush you to surrender
it’s ok —— let go —— you’ll remember 
trust yourself to the darkness when it arrives
on the darkest night the sky can fill with the brightest stars
light signatures of time
dancing, as they do
to remind us of our place and space in this mystical unfolding
reminding us to look up – make a wish – remember the divine
the darkest night gives way the brightest dawn
and there is no rush
new life waits patiently beneath the frost
so much beauty found in a slow and gentle thaw
the light of a thousand rainbows held in each melted drop as it falls
so if the dark night arrives – you can smile
because deep down you’ll remember
the darkness just means a new dawn is coming
the darkness is not to be feared or resisted
but instead to be realised
—— natures perfect opportunity
to rest
to be reborn
the dark night is our souls surrender

Mindfulness Poetry | Readings for Yoga Classes | Meditation Poetry | Soulful Poetry | Spiritual Poetry

written and shared by Joey Hulin