Soul Words - poetry as meditation

This 1.5 hour workshop is about creating space to allow creativity to bubble up. We will meditate, discuss, write and share.

When we become quiet and present in our surroundings, when we're in resonance with the energy of any given moment (including our emotions and feeling as well as the energy around us), we can be a channel for creative expression. For some, that energy is expressed through music, painting or dance. But for us, it is through words.

This workshop is about poetry and writing from the soul, not from the head. You won't learn a thing! Instead you will surrender enough to the let words write themselves. You will get quiet enough to let words to pour through you, rather than be the master of them.

The beauty of poetry is, the closer it is to this soul expression, the more powerful it is. Soul words resonate on a feeling level rather than cognitively - and that's the magic. That is what can change the world; subtly, gently and for the better.

We will meet in this space as equals and we will hold ourselves, each other and our own words in non-judgemental awareness. No verse judged better than another, no writer more masterful than the next; just words expressed✨

Sunday 25th October

10am - 11.30am

Light a candle, get cosy, grab a note book and pen and let's let those soul words pour through.