There Must Be More To Life

there must be more to life

I just stumbled across the first blog I ever penned; ‘There Must Be More To Life’. I remember exactly where I was, and the exact feeling I felt, whilst writing it. There was no way I would have shared my writing back then even though there are pages in my travel journal, during that time, […]

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Meditation and the art of small changes

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about meditation is that it can facilitate huge change. The benefits of meditation – which in recent years have become well publicised in the media – are truly profound, the stories of those whose lives have been transformed by this practice provide us with encouragement and inspiration. Yet something which […]

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As You Are

I love the changing of the seasons and Autumn feels very much like a season of paradoxical change, of light and shade. A chance to enjoy the last few moments of basking in the memory of the summer sun whilst also offering opportunity for release and renewal before the hibernation of winter sets in. The […]

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