Mindful thoughts

Her untamed, unapologetic, authentic self

and then she remembered who she truly was her untamed unapologetic authentic self she slowed down enough to remember that’s all it took she gifted herself space steered herself with intention allowed herself to land softly into presence —- it was all her she remembered she has always been enough  

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Getting out of your own way

It has been a while since I have shown up authentically on the page, publicly. What I mean by this is sharing my true voice and musings intimately with you. Sharing messy, true, and unedited musings is where this whole thing started. Blog writing was the very start of Horizon Inspired. It is funny to […]

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How to embed a daily meditation routine

Meditation Class

We all know meditation is good for us. It is a practice we can all do at home very easily, supported by numerous free apps, online courses, classes and guided audios. So then, why do we find it so hard to embed a daily meditation routine? Without conscious awareness, we might convince ourselves that we are […]

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