Mindfulness Poetry

Divine Feminine ~ Rising

going slower than usual gathering scattered parts of me back landing fully in body planting feet in the earth remembering – be, don’t do soothing the part of me so used to the chase untangling the tentacles of energy entrapped in the masculine world of accumulating, building, doing doing doing bringing it all back – […]

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The Horizon

the horizon is the beginningwhere known meets unknowntwo worlds collideforever reaching into mysterydown into an underworldand out to infinite energy just pretending to bepast and future bound together in the holding, the balance of equanimitya mirror to this moment, right now – all that seems realyet nothing is really known just potential meeting storymystery meeting minerala […]

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The Dark Night

when the dark night comesbecome like winterstrip yourself bare in truth and vulnerabilitysettle your animal body to the earthand lie still, breathing let the snow land and melt like kisses on your tired limbsthe wind hush you to surrenderit’s ok —— let go —— you’ll remember trust yourself to the darkness when it arriveson the darkest night […]

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