Journaling and Meditation Course to Reconnect to Inner Wisdom, Guidance and Truth
Course Overview

Embark on a 30 day meditation and journaling course, to help you reconnect to your own inner wisdom, guidance and truth. This course can be moved through in your own time and includes daily journaling prompts and downloadable meditations.


  1. 30 x daily guidance audios
  2. 30 x journaling prompts
  3. 4 x guided meditations for each week
  4. 2 x ritual and ceremony practices 

This course is for you if:

  • You are self motivated to embed a daily journaling and meditation practice but would like some guidance to get your started
  • You used to keep a journal when you were younger or when traveling but don’t priorities it in everyday life now
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own growth, healing and self connection
  • You are ready to embark on or deepen your own inner work
  • You are ready to be your own guru

You will explore how a simple meditation and journaling prompts can help you clear the weeds of the mind in order to reconnect to your own inner guidance, wisdom and truth.

This course is a framework for you can use, follow and always come back to. Ultimately, it is only you who can show up for yourself. This course will act as a loving reminder you that you can and that you deserve to.


By the end of this course you will have embedded and developed a daily journaling and meditation practice, reconnected to your own inner guidance and wisdom and feel empowered and equipped to continue your practices as you move on beyond the course.


Course Price £30 (plus small booking fee)

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