Meditation and Poetry with Joey Hulin – Horizon Inspired, Cornwall.

There is a saying ‘quiet the mind and the soul will speak’. In meditation we do just that. We create space to listen to the whispering of our intuition, creativity and inner voice. Meditation and poetry help us to feel, to connect to our truth, to expand and become more of who we truly are.

I see meditation as a means of listening, and writing as a way of communicating my inner truth. Journaling and writing poetry helps me to bring what is below the surface of my conscious mind, into conscious awareness. The beauty of both meditation and writing poetry is that both are unique for you, there is no one way and no ‘right’ way.

There are various ways you can access and engage with meditation and poetry with me. You’d be very welcome to join our online members’ suite, where you’ll gain access to exclusive guided meditations, scripted meditations, poetry and guidance, alongside monthly gatherings with like minded souls. You can access some of my meditations and poetry via the Insight Timer App, which is free to download, or you can book a one to one session with me to receive personalised care and guidance.

For more information on one-to-one support, Guided meditations and the members’ suite follow the links below.


Members’ Suite

In the Members’ Suite you will have exclusive access to guided meditation and poetry with Joey Hulin, alongside a live monthly meditation gathering and guidance.

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One to One Support

I am a trained coach and meditation teacher and can offer you one to one meditation support, life coaching and mentoring

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Horizon Inspired Youtube

Watch live meditations and interviews via my Youtube Channel

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Meditation and Poetry