One to One Coaching and Meditation Support

– It’s investing in yourself –


One to one coaching and meditation support offers you the opportunity to be really listened to, lovingly challenged and held to account and is particularly beneficial if you find yourself faced with one of life’s challenges, at the start of a new venture or you simply have an unshakable feeling that you want more from life. I offer a unique approach to coaching, integrating simple meditation and mindfulness practices into our sessions.

This approach not only helps you better connect with yourself during the sessions but also offers you sustainable skills and resources to use beyond our time together. Meditation and coaching can help you find more meaning, balance and enjoyment in life, to live with more presence and fulfilment or simply feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Why have one to one meditation and coaching support?

  • Experience highly focused, bespoke support – just for you
  • Receive exclusive meditation recordings after each session, tailored to your own individual needs to ensure you receive maximum benefit between sessions and beyond
  • Learn simple sustainable tools to feel more grounded, confident and resilient in your daily life
  • Learn what it really means to connect with yourself, to untie any knots and let go of anything that is holding you back from truly loving the life you live


Coaching Packages Move At Your pace

Sessions can move quickly and be taken weekly or move more slowly and be taken monthly… or anywhere in-between.

We will move at your pace and respond to your needs within the three or six month time period.

3 (or 6) Month One to One Package

Sessions take place face to face in Porthtowan, Cornwall or via Skype or phone if you’re based elsewhere in the world!

  • 3 (or 6) x Meditation & Coaching sessions (1.5 Hours)
  • 3 x Recorded meditations
  • Unlimited Email Support (for anytime in between sessions)
  • 10% Discount on any retreat
  • 15% Discount on any event
  • Payment packages available

Investment £275/£495

Mind & Body Package


Enjoy the benefits of a 3 month Meditation and Coaching packing PLUS a 1.5 hour holistic therapy treatment in Cornwall with Cornish Holistic Therapies.

  • 3 x Meditation & coaching sessions (1.5 Hours)
  • 3 x Recorded meditations
  • Unlimited Email Support (for in between sessions)
  • 1 x Holistic Therapy Treatment (1.5 Hours)
  • Payment packages available

Investment £355

Guided Meditation & Relaxation Session

Book a 40 Minute one to one guided meditation & relaxation session to kick start your own practice or to simply find a moment of peace.

Sessions take place in Porthtowan, Cornwall or via phone/Skype.

Price £40 

Mini Coaching & Meditation session

Try a taster 1 hour Coaching & meditation session. Either face to face in Porthtowan Cornwall or via Skype/Phone. Get in touch to find out more.

Coaching is choosing to invest in yourself and you are totally worthy of that support, I can promise you that.

Price £55

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Let’s have an informal chat before hand to chat through any of the packages or sessions, how they work and to see if we think we’d be a good fit to work together. If you already know you would like to go ahead and book you can do so here too. Looking forward to chatting with you 🙂

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Joey as a Coach

“Through weekly coaching sessions Joey invited me to fall back in love with life, as a true friend would, with compassion, sincerity and wisdom. Joey was accessible and present and therefore in a very short period of time I learned to cultivate, rather than fear the present moment. I found peace and reconnected with myself and in each guided meditation there was space for much needed exploration. Joey’s intelligence, honesty, and authenticity are true gifts. I am truly grateful for her time and everyone would benefit from her mindfulness coaching which is, with the lightest touch, life changing”
– Jenna, London

“Joey was a real blessing at a time when I was feeling a bit lost. Her honest, open, and non-judgemental approach invited me to open up and trust. The tools and concepts she shared with me, were key in supporting and encouraging me to believe and trust in myself again. We hold so many of the answers ourselves – this was the biggest lesson I learnt… I would like to thank you for your time, energy and patience. A totally worthwhile experience….”
– Maria, Milan


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