One to One Support

Sometimes we just need to be given permission, supported and lovingly held to account in order to reconnect to our own heart. One to one support is an integrated meditation and coaching approach to help you connect to your own centre of calm and move forward with inner confidence and clarity.

Packages include:

  • 1 hour session once a week for 6 weeks or once every other week for 3 weeks
  • Guided meditation in every session
  • Email support and check ins, in-between sessions

How does it work?

Building a home meditation practice, listening to your own inner guidance or demystifying challenges or blocks can feel tricky and daunting on your own. Sometimes we just needs a little guidance, support and encouragement to get going. I will hold this dedicated time and space for you to realise you already hold all the answers within, you can do the things you feel called to do and hold you lovingly accountable to prioritise yourself.

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone looking for clarity of headspace
  • Those who want to make changes but aren’t quite sure of which direction to take
  • Those looking to kick start a new venture, mindset or handle a challenge with grounding, clarity and confidence
  • Those wanting to be reenergised and recharge
  • Those wanting to get to know, love and accept themselves exactly as they are

You are your own best teacher and carving out moment of deep peace can give you permission to connect with your own inner wisdom and the space to discuss what comes up non-judgmentally and constructively.

The Benefits

  • Build clarity and confidence within yourself
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Have clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Learn simple mindfulness tools for remaining balanced in everyday life
  • Regular meditation practice can help lower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

Why work with me? 

I offer a down to earth, supportive and non-judgmental approach to to meditation, coaching and mentoring. You will receive my full present, focussed attention during each session which will be carefully planned, just for you.

I hold a diploma in meditation facilitation and a further diploma in integrated meditation and coaching but more importantly, I’ve been there and know myself how valuable it is to have someone there to support you in this capacity to move yourself forward.


6 Week package – £400

3 Week package – £200

Includes 3 or 6 one to one sessions, supported pre-session work and homework and check-ins in between sessions.

Or book a 1 hour taster session – £45


I’ll be in touch to arrange your first session. Alternatively contact me with any questions or queries before we get going.

One to One Mentoring for wellness business start ups

I also offer one to one mentoring sessions for wellbeing practitioners who are interested in running retreats, starting or developing a heart centred project, looking for support in bringing their visions to life. Each mentoring session lasts 1.5 hours held either face to face or via Skype.

Investment: £55 per one to one mentoring session


“Through weekly sessions Joey invited me to fall back in love with life, as a true friend would, with compassion, sincerity and wisdom. Joey was accessible and present and therefore in a very short period of time I learned to cultivate, rather than fear the present moment. I found peace and reconnected with myself and in each guided meditation there was space for much needed exploration. Joey’s intelligence, honesty, and authenticity are true gifts. I am truly grateful for her time and everyone would benefit from her mindfulness support which is, with the lightest touch, life changing”
– Jenna, London

“Joey was a real blessing at a time when I was feeling a bit lost. Her honest, open, and non-judgemental approach invited me to open up and trust. The tools and concepts she shared with me, were key in supporting and encouraging me to believe and trust in myself again. We hold so many of the answers ourselves – this was the biggest lesson I learnt… I would like to thank you for your time, energy and patience. A totally worthwhile experience….”
– Maria, Milan