Meditation is a means to slow down in a busy world, to get to know your own mind and help you uncover your own self awareness, resilience and sense of inner calm.



There are many tools, approaches and philosophies when it comes to meditation. I offer a non-judgmental, beginners introduction to meditation. Demystifying the basic practice, making it an approachable and accessible skill absolutely anyone can learn and benefit from.

There are many experts globally, locally and online and many tried and tested paths. I hope to be your bridge from ‘ahhhh my mind/life is driving me crazzzyyyy’ to an approach, path or practice that is right for YOU.

The scientifically proven health benefits of taking just a few moments to sit quietly, to be mindful and to meditate are EXTENSIVE! Reducing depression and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system and even restructuring our brain to help us be more resilient, compassionate and focused… and it doesn’t have to be anything other than what feels right for you, in your life.

You could see meditation as prevention rather than cure… So why not, ey?


Practice Meditation & Mindfulness

Introduction to meditation

4 part series

This series of four sessions have been designed for absolute beginners; those with an interest in meditation but not sure where to start and too busy to find time to go to a class.

These audio sessions are delivered direct to your inbox and can be accessed and used in your own time, at a pace that feels right for you in order to fit in with your commitments and responsibilities.

In each session we explore a different approach to mediation, consider the various theories, philosophies and techniques and the science behind meditation and help you start to build your own self practice.

Benefits: It has been scientifically proven that regular meditation practice can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression; Increase creativity and focus; and improve relationships, general health and wellbeing.

Taking this course will help you build a self practice in your own routine helping ensure sustainability in the long term.

Outcome: By the end of the four sessions you should have a good basic understanding of what mediation is, the benefits, an approach to meditation that feels right for you and how you can incorporate that into your daily life.

Sign up for this offer will open in January 2018

Making Meditation a Habit

Infographic Inspire Sheet

One of the most common barriers to meditation is not what happens whilst we’re sitting but the remembering or finding time to do it in the first place. Any meditation practice is about about just that – gentle patient practice. There are many reasons, supported by scientific research, why meditation and mindfulness are bloody good habits to form. So here’s a fun little infographic that should help and inspire you to take just a few moments each day to breathe.

Available for download soon!

Free Meditation Bundle

Recorded meditations

Keep your eyes pealed on our Soundclash page for new recorded meditations. Currently you will find

Loving Kindness Meditation


Mindful body scan meditation

Free, accessible and open to requests 🙂

For more information and enquiries, please send me, Joey, a message via this contact form, or to book a one to one meditation session click here.