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The Middle Way

Awareness is your invitation, to live an authentic life To know that your life, your reality, is not fixed but instead is a vast expanse of endless possibilities It’s your invitation to believe in your dreams, your abilities and to know you are worthy To trust in all the adventures yet to be had, including […]

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Self-Care Schmelth-Care

One-to-one coaching with Joey

 Image from Pause for a moment and think about how you, personally, show yourself love and care? So often we are guilty of putting ourselves last in the cue for care and nurture. Over stretched parents, under-confident singles, carers or recent retirees, caring for themselves so infrequently they actually have no clue where to […]

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How’s Your Monkey?

How often have you used the term ‘I am my own worst enemy’? When on reflection you can see a situation, decision or where your mind-set was at, a little clearer. Perhaps you know you could have made a different choice but it was as if some part of you took over, leading you down […]

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