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I am nearly half way through a trip in Indonesia, leading meditation classes for a couple of hotels on the Gili Islands. I am sat in a beach front café looking out on the crystal clear turquoise waters, with an unblemished cloudless sky above me, sipping a cool, refreshing fruit juice when I stopped to […]

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Why The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

Published on Rewind to November 2015; my life for the previous 6 months had felt like I was dipping my toe into living a life that felt authentic. I had quit my job in London and moved to Cornwall, a beautiful coastal, rural part of England where I was freelancing and doing a little […]

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5 Things to Help You Discover Your Purpose

Published on This week, on two separate occasions, two friends asked me the same question; “What is your ‘why’?” My reply to them both was the same; I know what it is, I just find it hard to sum it up into a sentence. Which got me thinking – why couldn’t I?! Why couldn’t […]

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