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There Must Be More To Life

I have just stumbled across the first blog I ever wrote – something I have never shared. I remember exactly where I was and the exact feeling I felt whilst writing it. It’s funny, back then I wouldn’t have considered actually sharing my writing, even though there are pages in my travel journal of that […]

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5 Books That Will Change Your Life

                       Philomath (n.) Lover of learning; philosophy I had a conversation with a friend the other day about our addiction to learning, growing and to meaningful fun(!). The only books I seem to find time for are those that teach me something new or that […]

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The Middle Way

Awareness is your invitation. To live an authentic life. To know that your life, your reality, is not fixed but instead is a vast expanse of endless possibilties. It’s your invitation to believe in your dreams, your abilities and to know you are worthy. To trust in all the adventures yet to be had, including the […]

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