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Still Standing

everything has changedyet here you are, getting through itstronger, kinder, wiser from the stormroutines changedstructures crumblednormality dissipatedyet here you are___ still standingfinding your way in a temporary new normtake a moment to breathenotice the fertile earth beneath your feetno need to fear this earth, this momentbut instead, choose lovingly, wiselywhere you place your next step […]

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What if___

What if___ we loved anyway kept open stayed soft placed one foot in front of the other What if___ despite the world that moves around us we breathed deep into our heart to open still What if___ we remembered we’re all trying our best all getting it wrong from time to time What if___ we […]

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____ and then I surrenderedfreed myself from the burden of tryingto become more than I amlet go of strivingto be___ just that little bit moreI sunk my roots deepfelt into the abundance that already surrounds me and gasped for airas if waking in a dreambreathingfor the first time___ in a whileI arrived home in this body___ exactly […]

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