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Nothing to lose

I was searching for home in all the wrong placesIn a persona place or a roleMistaking thatonce foundI grasp hold to make ‘mine’Effort to hold the impermanentas permanentBelieving then there is something to lose.  I realise nowhome is right herein the river of light deep within my chestalways therealways accessibleNothing then to seekbut instead to notice what I’m already […]

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Pivot – It’s ok to choose again

This weekend I was in the company of five incredible women on a weekend wellbeing retreat. We spoke a lot about direction, intentions and living in alignment and my reflections from the weekend leads me here to the page today.  These last few months I have slipped out of alignment and found myself veering off […]

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It’s OK (Meditation)

It’s ok BreatheFor a moment lay down your weaponsRemove the armour that you’ve held on so tightlyUnspoken words, unkept promises, actions taken in fearall resisting the very peace that you seeksurrendered now at your feet. It’s ok. Breathe right into the centre of your chestBreathe it into openingUnshackle your feet from the chains of what […]

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