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How’s Your Monkey?

How often have you used the term ‘I am my own worst enemy’? When on reflection you can see a situation, decision or where your mind-set was at, a little clearer. Perhaps you know you could have made a different choice but it was as if some part of you took over, leading you down […]

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See And Be Seen

Years ago I worked as a street fundraiser. I was fresh out of Uni and had returned to England after my first year abroad travelling. I moved to London fired up, passionate and committed about working in the third sector. I wanted to ‘do good’, be part of global change and have impact. I was […]

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Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Take a moment to pause and reflect on the sentence ‘I should…’ What do you feel you should do more of/less of/what should you be doing that would serve you better in life at the moment? Spend a moment to Jot down or bring to mind three (or more) ‘I Shoulds…’ This is an exercise […]

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