Horizon Inspired was born from a passion to offer everyday, hardworking people space to slow down, reconnect and find home within themselves.

I am committed to offering you relatable, impactful, inspiring support as a Meditation facilitator, Retreat Host and Writer.

I know what it’s like to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed by life. I had previously lived a stressful, unfulfilled life where I had found I’d lost touch with who I really was; I had forgotten what made me come alive, what made me tick. I wasn’t sleeping and I was tired. It felt like I was living city life on automatic pilot and felt I was living a life I hadn’t chosen for myself; until I burned out.

I quit my job and travelled to Mexico and Costa Rica where I found Meditation and Yoga for the first time. Meditation simply teaches me to slow down, connect with my self and to be more mindful and present in the moments of everyday life; and that learning, for me, is a game changer. I realised the power and choice to live a full and happy life is mine all along.

I truly believe in the power of perspective and using simple, sustainable and enjoyable meditation and self care practices to support you to live a full and happy life.

Happiness for me is simply balance. It living life in alignment with an acceptance of the light and shade and the ability to not let your thoughts, your ego, run the show.

Happiness isn’t out there, it’s within you. It is about slowing down in a busy life, really connecting with yourself to feel, learn and grow.

I have the pleasure of writing for a number of national and international blog sites and magazines as a freelance writer. I also facilitate wellbeing at festivals and events as a freelance professional alongside my commitment to offering you my honest, authentic love and support via Horizon Inspired. And, as a friend of mine rightly proclaimed the other day, ‘offering Wellbeing without the wankiness!’