I created Horizon Inspired to offer down-to-earth, uplifting, transformative retreats, meditation support and written inspiration to help you come home to who you really are.

I know what it is like to feel stressed, anxious and totally overwhelmed by life. I had previously lived a stressful life that somehow felt like I hadn’t chosen it for myself  – you can read more about my journey here via this blog post here.

I am passionate about and committed to this work and I live and breathe the musings I share. I don’t see myself as a teacher but more a facilitator – your excuse to stop, breathe, reconnect and to wake up to live a more conscious life.

I write for a number of national and international blog sites and magazines as a freelance writer, a meditation teacher on Insight Timer and run a retreat consultancy company called The Retreat Consultant, helping new and emerging entrepreneurs or brands deliver incredible retreat experiences.

My intention is simply to serve and uplift.  I believe true and lasting change starts with you… and just imagine a world where we are all operating from truth, connection and love.

We are in this together and I am so glad you are here.