Earth Day

Every Autumn, for the last four years, a red admiral butterfly has landed on me, staying long enough for me to marvel at her delicate beauty; and for me to take a snap! The last time it happened was a dark, cold night in late October 2021. I was cooking what was to be my […]

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Divine Feminine ~ Rising

going slower than usual gathering scattered parts of me back landing fully in body planting feet in the earth remembering – be, don’t do soothing the part of me so used to the chase untangling the tentacles of energy entrapped in the masculine world of accumulating, building, doing doing doing bringing it all back – […]

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How to embed a daily meditation routine

Meditation Class

We all know meditation is good for us. It is a practice we can all do at home very easily, supported by numerous free apps, online courses, classes and guided audios. So then, why do we find it so hard to embed a daily meditation routine? Without conscious awareness, we might convince ourselves that we are […]

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