Your Spiritual Almanac

It was an absolute pleasure and joy to write both of these books – I really hope you find them supportive, insightful and inspiring. Your Spiritual Almanac is designed to be used as a go-to support guide for a year of living mindfully. While, Mind and Bowl, focusses on Mindful Eating, helping you to see food as self-care, as an intimate relationship with the earth and as a demonstration of your deeper values. This book is about choosing love.

‘Your Spiritual Almanac’ Pre-order (Party) Retreat

As a heartfelt thank you for those of you who do pre-order Your Spiritual Almanac, I will be running a free mini-retreat online. Together we will play with some of the practices found in the book, reconnecting to body, heart and earth. This mini-retreat will take place on;

Saturday 4 September

2-4pm bst

via Zoom

Thank you for your support x

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