Two Books due for publication

Joey Hulin Author

My first book ‘Your Spiritual Almanac – A Year of Living Mindfully’ will be published on 2 September 2021 ✨

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My Second book ‘Mind and Bowl – A Little Guide to Mindful Eating’ will be published in February 2022

It was an absolute pleasure and joy to write both of these book – I really hope you find them supportive, insightful and inspiring. Your Spiritual Almanac is designed to be used as a go-to support guide for a year of living mindfully. While, Mind and Bowl, focusses on Mindful Eating, helping you to see food as self-care, as an intimate relationship with the earth and as a demonstration of your values. This book is about choosing love.

Books in progress…
  • As You Are: a search for meaning and love (Poetry Collection)

This book explores themes related to spirituality, mindfulness and nature through a collection of poetry and prose, helping readers to remember their worth and find peace in the present moment. Inspired by love, hope, adventure and honouring the cyclical nature of all things, this book was written for free spirits, seeking a life full of purpose, meaning and heart.

Readers are taken on a journey through longing, remembering and reconnecting, and are reminded to notice the simple beauty in the ordinary and the unconditional love found within.

“if you traced my soul back
through all it’s lifetimes past
you’d find me with the wanderers, the nomads
the seekers in the dark

you’d find me roaming horse back
crossing deserts in a storm
you’d find me camped on prairies
bathed in lakes to find my calm

you’d find me sat by fire light
soaring skies in the shadow of the moon
you’d find me home amongst the stars
burning next to you”

Joey Hulin Author

I am actively looking for a literary agent – get in touch if that’s you! 🙂