I am currently working on my first commissioned book due for publication in 2021. You can follow my writing journey on Instagram.

Take a peek at my self published book ‘The Little Book of Mindful Eating’, alongside some ideas I have brewing! If you’d like more information on any of these projects I would love to hear from you.

The Little Book of Mindful Eating

This pocket book offers readers an introduction to the practice of mindfulness in relation to eating habits, food choices and their relationship with food. You will be inspired to make healthier, more considered and enjoyable food choices in your daily life. You’ll find guidance, inspiration, opportunities for reflection and a small collection of simple, tasty recipes to help you on your way.

You will begin to see the food you eat as an opportunity for nourishment, self-care, creativity and pleasure, whilst understanding yourself a little better in the process.

**Currently out of stock. Get in touch to express interest in the next batch.

In working progress…

  • As You Are: a search for meaning and love (Poetry)

This book explores themes related to spirituality, mindfulness and nature through a collection of poetry and prose, helping readers to remember their worth and find peace in the present moment. Inspired by love, hope, adventure and honouring the cyclical nature of all things, this book was written for free spirits, seeking a life full of purpose, meaning and heart.

Readers are taken on a journey through longing, remembering and reconnecting, and are reminded to notice the simple beauty in the ordinary and the unconditional love found within.

  • Be Your Own Guru 

“You and I are going on a journey.

One that will ask you to be honest, brave and courageous. One that will open your heart to love more, live more, feel more. This journey will uncover a path, one that only you can tread. A road map only your eyes can see and your heart can feel. The directions held only by the language of your soul…”

I am actively looking for a literary agent and/or publisher for these projects. Do get in touch if that’s you! 🙂