My retreat was both a gentle, reflective journey that will change my mindset forever and an exciting, liberating, empowering joy! Meditation, yoga, time and being cared for gave me what I needed. Running into the sea with my retreat family in mid Winter, or waking up at 6am to watch the stars from the hot tub, cup of tea in hand gave me what I wanted! It was pure empowerment and magic I’ll never forget.
– Shelley, London.

This retreat was phenomenal! I booked it as something different to do at New Year and it completely exceeded my expectations! I came away feeling so relaxed and with a renewed sense of purpose about finding focus to my life. Joey is just so great at creating a really welcoming atmosphere where you feel supported. I suppose the fact I’ve already booked on another of her retreats says it all!.
– Aimee, UK.

“I came to Horizon Inspired with totally empty batteries. From the moment you arrive, Joey takes the weight off with a friendly smile and the offer to completely let go! The weekend is well structured taking you through a gentle process of arrival, reflect and review, and finally to look forward with fresh intentions from our internal learnings. The balance of yoga, meditation, optional activities and down-time is perfectly balanced, allowing me in just a few days to come away refreshed and excited about my future. Joey is an amazing person and a perfect host. Her retreats will now become an essential part of my annual calendar!”
– Janey, Totnes.

“If you are looking for the time and space to truly be you then a Horizon Inspired retreat is for you. From amazing fresh and plentiful food and stunning surroundings to just the right balance of structure vs you time, Joey’s retreats tick every box.”.
– Zoe, Birmingham.

“Joey, was open warm and welcoming and worked incredibly hard during the 4 days to ensure guests were accommodated. Joey is wise beyond her years, on top of being a great coach and facilitator, she is an excellent cook – the food was delicious and I left the retreat feeling ‘well looked after’. I would have no hesitation in recommending this retreat to others, after all you owe it to yourself.”
– Sandra, UK.

“What a wonderful retreat – so special. Joey makes you feel relaxed and makes everyone feel chilled. The meditations were pitched just right and the wholesome home cooked food delicious. Thank you so much”
– Helen, Cornwall.

“I attended a Mums’ Retreat and can’t really find the words to say how much I appreciated this weekend. From start to finish Joey took care of us like we had been friends for years. She is a very special lady who had thought of so much to make this weekend special for us. The other mums on the retreat were fantastic and I hope we will be friends going forward. The food, the location, the yoga the meditation were all amazing, and as a beginner to meditation I had my doubts. But I have come away with a new life skill which I know will be hugely positive going forward. Thank you Joey for the best weekend ever!”
– Fleur, London.

“The NYE retreat was nicely balanced between meditation, yoga, little extras and free time. A carefully thought out programme. I can’t recommend Joey and her team enough, they all made my first meditation and yoga retreat a really truthful, warm, and safe environment to grow. Thank you!”
– Maria.

“Wow, Horizon Inspired Retreat; Such a fantastic experience, as soon as you arrive you instantly feel welcome and at home in the warm and friendly environment. A wonderful restorative weekend with a great group of fellow retreaters for NYE. Yoga, reflection, beach walks, hot tub bubbles, doodles and laughter spent in the beautiful Cornish town of Perranporth. Joey is a very special lady, compassionate, caring and inspirational, she’s helped me in feeling a new sense of both grounding and courage. I loved all the little touches around the house – the words of wisdom, thoughtful, creative and kind. Extraordinarily tasty vegetarian gluten free food provided all weekend, nourishing, colourful and lovingly prepared. Since returning home I already feel more comfortable in my skin and my sleep quality has improved, I’ve tried recreating some of the delicious food too. Absolutely cannot wait for the next one, I’m booking it, I’m worth it!”
– Jenna, London.

“A relaxed, friendly New Year Retreat with a Great Host who balanced beautifully the needs of each retreater. Comfortable accommodation, great food, even a Hot Tub! Joey really went the extra mile to make everyones stay special and added lots of lovely extra touches. Great to be by the Sea, and Yoga classes that were really designed to uplift and stretch! The meditations/reflections really added something very special to the whole Retreat”.
– Jacky, Taunton.

“Joey created the most beautiful space for us mums to relax. She got it spot on with the balance of the weekend and looked after us so wonderfully. The meditation sessions were easy and approachable and Joey has and endearing way of guiding you through each one. The whole weekend surpassed my expectations . The people I’ve met in the days after have all commented on how I look – relaxed, bright eyed and even glowing skin. x”
– Sally, Plymouth.

“Great weekend packed with emotional, spiritual and physical boosters. For me being outdoors was key as it gave me alone time. Good variety of freshly prepared meals. Overall having me time away from a busy London is always a good thing. Thank you Joey xx”
– Temi, London.

“The Press Pause retreat really allowed me to leave behind the everyday and deeply relax. Joey held the space incredibly well, she’d thought of every detail. Scheduling the weekend so we could explore inwardly and then venture back into reality slowly. The food was awesome and meditation, yoga and massage very complimentary. Feel energised from an experience that will stay with me for sometime! Big thanks Joey xx”
– Claire, Kent.

“The whole experience was wonderfully calming, insightful and rejuvenating and I especially enjoyed the yoga session and the meditation in the tent. Joey was an excellent host and cooked excellent veggie meals that a non vegetarian like me could really enjoy. I loved the cosy nights discussions held by the fire and getting to know everyone over our meals. Was a truly wonderful experience and I will be booking another Horizon Inspired retreat very soon :)”
– Joanne, London.

“The retreat felt like a home from home and Joey was brilliant at bringing the group together- ensuring our individual needs were catered to but also that we were put at ease in a group environment. The retreat offered a fantastic balance of activity and relaxation. All elements of the retreat worked together to leave me with a feeling of physical and mental well being. I would definitely like to do another Horizon Inspired Retreat! :)”
– Melissa, Bristol.

“I had the best time on my Free Spirit horse riding & Yoga retreat! Joey was an amazing, warm and supportive host and I enjoyed connecting with everyone over the weekend. It was a great balance of yoga, meditation and horse riding, with delicious food and time to relax around the fire. I found the whole experience really uplifting and joyful, and felt completely removed from the stresses of day to day life. I’ll be back 😊”
– Hannah, Bristol.

“The Mums’ Retreat was an amazing experience. Being a mum of two small children is hard, and of course, I love my family dearly, but I so desperately needed some time out for me to remind myself to be kind to myself and to look after myself. I learnt so much on the weekend especially about gratitude and being grateful for what I have – I am so lucky and I just needed space to be reminded of that. I would completely recommend any mums out there to take time out for themselves a book on a Mums Retreat. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself since having my two girls”.
– Jo, London.

“I can’t really put into words how much I loved the Mums’ Retreat weekend. As much as I was looking forward to it, I was apprehensive about leaving my son for the first time since he was born (nearly 2 years ago) but upon arrival my worries just melted away. It was the most wonderfully restorative, nourishing and inspiring few days. The programme flowed beautifully, I never felt hurried but every moment was meaningful in some way. The company was warm and the hosting second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this amazing experience to anyone in need to some personal tlc and time to reflect. Thank you so much Joey – I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”
– Sophie, London.

“I started the weekend away not really expecting more that just some time away to relax and be pampered… but I came back with so much more. I am still tired (just where I am in life right now) but I feel energised, inspired and excited about now and the future. I’m grateful for what I do have, hopeful for what’s to come and not one bit guilty for taking some time to focus on me.  Joey, thank you so much for doing these retreats”
– Shantha, London.

​”The 2 day retreat was wonderful and a perfect opportunity to unwind and re-boot. Joey is an exceptional and warm host that makes everyone feel calm and comfortable, making sure everyone is going through the day at their own pace. The combination of tasty healthy food, meditation and yoga made me feel like I’d been on a detox for body and mind. I left feeling ready to get back to London life, but with a feeling of inner calm. Thank you to Joey and the team!”
– Charlotte, London.

“Overall a beautiful weekend. Such warmth, so welcoming in a beautiful location with great food. You can get what you want from it- be social and active or more spend time on your own and be have more internal focus. I loved it..”
– Lisa, London.

“A wonderful week-end from start to finish. Thank you!”
– Liza, Somerset.

​” The one to one coaching package was tailored to meet my needs perfectly and helped me to find ways to relax and move forward through a difficult period. The meditation was helpful as I was taken through the process step by step. I also felt that the activities/reflections helped me to better understand my feelings and thoughts. I feel have a better understanding of how to be more mindful and understand more about what is important to me, which values are important and I am also less worried about change and letting go.”
– Lavern, Manchester.

“From the moment I arrived at the house till the moment I left I felt taken care of. I felt that it really mattered to Joey and her team that we got the most out of our stay. The weekend was a perfect blend of activities which included yoga on the beach, meditation, complimentary therapies and a mindfulness coastal walk together with enough time for rest and relaxation. The food was wholesome and delicious and prepared with love by Joey. The house we stayed in had a homely feel to it, it was a generous size, and located a stones throw from Perranporth beach. When I left the retreat I felt I had been detoxed in every sense of the word ! Thank you Joey for an unforgettable weekend. X”
– Subha, London.

​”True to its name, the weekend I spent with Horizon Inspired did “reset” me in many ways. From the healthy, delicious food to the stunning surroundings and the lovely women who took part in Joey’s gently guided discussions, all aspects came together to make me feel more connected to who I am and what I want. Highly recommended to anyone who needs space to breathe. I hope to go back again!”
– Frida, London.


“Joey was a real blessing at a time when I was feeling a bit lost. Her honest, open, and nonjudgmental approach in our one to one coaching sessions invited me to open up and trust. The tools and concepts she shared with me, were key in supporting and encouraging me to believe and trust in myself again. We hold so many of the answers ourselves – this was the biggest lesson I learnt… I would like to thank you for your time, energy and patience. A totally worthwhile experience….”
– Maria, Milan.

“Through weekly coaching sessions Joey invited me to fall back in love with life, as a true friend would, with compassion, sincerity and wisdom. Joey was accessible and present and therefore in a very short period of time I learned to cultivate, rather than fear the present moment. I found peace and reconnected with myself and in each guided meditation there was space for much needed exploration. Joey’s intelligence, honesty, and authenticity are true gifts. I am truly grateful for her time and everyone would benefit from her mindfulness coaching which is, with the lightest touch, life changing”
– Jenna, London.

“I had no preconceived ideas of a yoga retreat and I am not really your ‘retreat’ kind of gal! However, I can not sing it’s praises enough! Beautiful setting, lovely people, both attending and running the retreat. To sum up the experience – great fun, real me time, fabulous food and a real chance to re-evaluate my busy life. Thank you Joey, you are wise beyond your years. Ommmmmmm”.
– Diana, Somerset.

“If you want an authentic yoga weekend this is for you! The place had a beautiful energy, the people were open warm and gentle. Your energy will be replenished. I can’t recommend it highly enough..”
– Katherine, London.

“If you need to have some time just for you with a group of likeminded people then don’t hesitate to book onto a retreat with Joey and her amazing team of people. It will be an experience you wont regret. If I could do it all again tomorrow then I would….Everyone needs a bit of this in their life xx”
– Becky, Plymouth.