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Finding Our Centre

Each fleeting feeling carries its own electrical charge, infusing itself in the atmosphere within our chest and the messages sent by our heart, in ripples and waves. Like a rip current surge beneath this ocean surface, we are pulled back and forth from our own centre, leading us far from the course we thought we […]

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Nothing To Lose

I caught myself seeking for the line between finding and found Seeking a validation of knowing by what I held in my hands As if the line, once found, was then something to grasp hold of and keep as mine In that arrival, perhaps then I’ll know I realise now the illusion It’s what is […]

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Remembering to trust your gut

Image by John Hersey We all have our own conceptual understanding of ‘intuition’ or what a ‘gut feeling’ feels like in our own experience. That feeling is often as clear as day in hindsight, where we might confess ‘I knew it wasn’t right’ but yet in the happens of our experiences the whispers of […]

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