Corporate Wellbeing Workshop

Commission an online or face-to-face corporate wellbeing workshop

I’ve had the pleasure of designing, developing, and delivering a range of corporate wellbeing workshops, online and face-to-face, for corporate, and third-sector clients. From lunchtime mindfulness sessions for academics, three-hour journaling workshops for actors, 6-week mindfulness sessions for teachers, one-to-one and group coaching sessions, to full-day wellbeing workshops for accountants – and lots more in between.

 If you are looking for a wellness workshop, course, or retreat designed specifically for your company or brand, I would love to help.

Ideas include:

  • Workplace Mindfulness
  • Journaling for wellbeing
  • Stress-management

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Corporate Meditation
  • Self-care day retreats
  • Wellbeing/mindfulness/leadership Coaching

We are a fully remote small tech startup who offer our team wellbeing activities every 3 monthsJoey delivered a one off online session on journaling for wellbeing. Our team loved the session, with most being brand new to journaling. Joey gave our team practical journaling examples that they could take forward and use after the session. I would definitely recommend Joey’s session to others: the session was really easy to organise, Joey was flexible to our needs and she delivered exactly what we were looking for – Lydia, Intelligent Lillie.

I am an expert, trained facilitator who offers a down-to-earth, practical, impact-focused approach. I will guide your team and colleagues through a variety of tools and techniques to help reduce stress, find balance, and gain more clarity and focus. By attending one of our corporate wellbeing workshops your team will leave feeling balanced, refreshed, and resilient. Workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face depending on your requirements.

Former clients include; The National Trust, Canvas, Francis Clarke, The Scarlet Hotel, The NHS, Bedruthan Hotel, University of Plymouth, ACF Team Building,


Step One: Make an inquiry by emailing [email protected] and give me a brief introduction to you, your company, and what you are looking for (you don’t have to know exactly but a rough idea)

Step Two: We will have an informal chat via Zoom. I will then go away and design three options for you. You will then speak with your team and decide on one option to take forward

Step Three: We will agree on a delivery date and time, and I will get to work, designing you a bespoke workshop to fit your needs and aims

Step Four: I’ll see you there!