Free Community Meditation

In response to Coronavirus, a community gathering began on Instagram called ‘Collective Calm’. We met every morning at 7.30am BST to meditate live together. The group has moved over to a Facebook Community where meditations are now posted every Monday. Anyone is very welcome to join.

Meditation Classes

Meditation classes take place online via zoom on the 1st of every month at 8pm BST.
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Insight Timer App

Insight Timer is a free app and home to more than 4 million meditators world wide.

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 Bespoke Meditation Events

Simply get together with a group of friends, your work colleagues or family and have a day just for you.

Choose between the following options:

Workplace Lunchtime Session – 40 Minute lunch break session.  £195 per session (plus travel)

A Group Breather – 1.5 hours of guided meditation, group mindfulness coaching to create mindful habits.  £275 per session (plus travel)

Press Pause Day – 3 hour event including guided meditation, group coaching  and mindfulness in daily life. £599 per mini retreat plus travel

Book An Event

For more information and enquiries, please send me, Joey, a message via this contact form.