you are enough as you are no ‘if only I was…’ or ‘when I’ve…’ right here in this skin with this feeling heart with every thought or emotion that moves through your experience open up and keep opening hold it all in awareness no part of you out of place just expanding be with this […]

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Crispy coconut pieces with lemongrass noodle salad

Mindful Eating Recipe

Mindful Eating | Recipe Ideas Don’t you just love it when a veg box arrives and you are presented with veg that you wouldn’t normally buy? I do. It is an opportunity for mindful eating, playing with flavours, being creative and making something new. I ordered the ‘funky veg’ box from Cornish Veg Box supplier Fruut […]

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The Horizon

the horizon is the beginningwhere known meets unknowntwo worlds collideforever reaching into mysterydown into an underworldand out to infinite energy just pretending to bepast and future bound together in the holding, the balance of equanimitya mirror to this moment, right now – all that seems realyet nothing is really known just potential meeting storymystery meeting minerala […]

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