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This moment and the next

I caught myself seeking for the line between finding and found Seeking a validation of knowing by what I held in my hands As if the line, once found, was then something to grasp hold of and keep as mine In that arrival, perhaps then I’ll know I realise now the illusion It’s what is […]

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There Must Be More To Life

I have just stumbled across the first blog I ever wrote – something I haven’t ever shared. I remember exactly where I was and the exact feeling I felt whilst writing it. It’s funny, back then I wouldn’t have considered actually sharing my writing, even though there are pages in my travel journal of that […]

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Meditation and the art of small changes

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about meditation is that it can facilitate huge change. The benefits of meditation – which in recent years have become well publicised in the media – are truly profound, the stories of those whose lives have been transformed by this practice provide us with encouragement and inspiration. Yet something which […]

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