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Books That Will Change Your Life: Club

Wowee! I was so delighted to see how many people, like me, are hungry for a conscious book club! I know lots of people who are part of a community book club but as a Philomath I only seem to be able to devour books that teach me something, that change my perspective somehow, to […]

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that night

i feel changed different, somehowas iffallen backwards caught in a web of trustarms wide, i remember nowhow to share limitless love__ through me  not of form in moonlight, the songbird rememberedand I found my voice once more toowe were witnessto love — connection — angels made visualin exchanges of truthand the salt waterthat filled eyes of kind soulsjust passing thoughi […]

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Nothing to lose

I was searching for home in all the wrong placesIn a persona place or a roleMistaking thatonce foundI grasp hold to make ‘mine’Effort to hold the impermanentas permanentBelieving then there is something to lose.  I realise nowhome is right herein the river of light deep within my chestalways therealways accessibleNothing then to seekbut instead to notice what I’m already […]

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